An essay, or thesis, is one of the most important parts of most university education

Whether it’s for your degree, your bar exam, or your job application, it’s always good to be able to display your ability to read, write, and think.

Strength and weakness are important words in the English language. How to write a strength and weakness essay is the same as writing any other essay, best essay writers or indeed any paper, for that matter. Here are some important rules to follow.

We start with the letter ‘e’. This is the most important letter in the whole English language, as it alludes to sound, meaning, and the internal sounds in a word. The letter ‘e’ can also be a letter of the alphabet and is usually pronounced as the short ‘e’. It is this letter that you’ll be focusing on when writing your strength and weakness essay.

Now that we’ve discussed the letter ‘e’, it’s time to talk about the word ‘strength’. It is what you bring to the table that will help you succeed. In order to effectively write a strength and weakness essay, you need to determine what it is that you are bringing to the table.

Finally, we’ll talk about the word ‘weakness’

Weakness is what you are less than, and lack of strength is what you want to show. The two are not exactly the same, though, and there are times when weakness can be strengths, and times when weakness can be strength.

Again, we begin with the letter ‘e’. ‘E’ is for emphasis and is how to make your strengths stand out. You could use a different letter here, but you’re only going to be emphasizing your strength, then it wouldn’t do you any good to show it in your weakness. Keep it in your strength.

And how about you strength? Think about how you would present it in your weakness. Is it something you’re already known for, or something you’re not that great at, or maybe you just know something people don’t?

As I stated earlier, weakness is what you want to show. Once you decide what you’re weak at, then you can come up with a way to demonstrate that you are what you say you are, and then use that strength to show your weakness.

For example, you may think of yourself as a good cook, but in your weakness you may show that you are forgetful

Maybe you forgot the recipe for your boyfriend’s favorite dessert. In that case, you would talk about your love of cooking and how you use it to help make your life better.

Now you could also talk about your weakness as a troublemaker. If you’re always arguing with your friends or doing things that upset them, then you might talk about how you’re mischievous and like to do things the wrong way. This way, you’re able to show your weakness as someone who likes to do things that go against convention.

Think about what you like to do to show your weakness. Do you like to read? Do you have a talent for art?

Now you know how to write a strength and weakness essay and can make it work to your advantage. If you need help, or advice on this, you can find plenty of assistance from an online coaching, by joining online forums, or even by having an instructor teach you.